Sunday, December 5, 2010

My first HTML codes in AIE college

My Personal Profile

Nel boy Simon

Email Address:, Mobile Phone No.: 09397963371

Others Skills: Computer Literate (MS Office)

Educational Background:

Elementary: Rosales South Central School

Year Graduated: April 2006

Secondary: Rosales National High School

Year Graduated: April 2010

Place of Birth: Rosales,Pangasinan

Civil Status: Single

Citizenship: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Weight: 114.4 lbs

Height: 5'8"

Sex: Male

Mother's Name: Elizabeth Simon

Father's Name: Nelson Simon

Their Address: Mabini Street Rosales,Pangasinan

Languages to be Spoken: English, Tagalog, and Ilocano

Person to be Contacted in Case of Emergency: Nelson Simon

Her Address: Mabini Street Rosales,Pangasinan

Cell phone No.: (63)-9077061850

Interest and Skills: Singing, and Cooking