Sunday, December 5, 2010

My first HTML codes in AIE college

My Personal Profile

Nel boy Simon

Email Address:, Mobile Phone No.: 09397963371

Others Skills: Computer Literate (MS Office)

Educational Background:

Elementary: Rosales South Central School

Year Graduated: April 2006

Secondary: Rosales National High School

Year Graduated: April 2010

Place of Birth: Rosales,Pangasinan

Civil Status: Single

Citizenship: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Weight: 114.4 lbs

Height: 5'8"

Sex: Male

Mother's Name: Elizabeth Simon

Father's Name: Nelson Simon

Their Address: Mabini Street Rosales,Pangasinan

Languages to be Spoken: English, Tagalog, and Ilocano

Person to be Contacted in Case of Emergency: Nelson Simon

Her Address: Mabini Street Rosales,Pangasinan

Cell phone No.: (63)-9077061850

Interest and Skills: Singing, and Cooking

Saturday, October 2, 2010

C++ tutorial

Let us begin with a quick introduction in C. Our aim is to show the essential elements of the language in real programs, but without getting bogged down in details, rules, and exceptions. At this point,we are not trying to complete or even precise (save that examples are meant to be correct). We want to get you quickly as possible to the point where you can write useful programs and to do what we have to concentrate on the basics: variables, constants, arithmitic control flow,functions, and the rudiments of input and output. We are intensionally leaving out with chapter features of C that are important for writing bigger programs. This include pointers, structures most of C's rich set of operators several control-flow statements, and standard library.

1.1 Getting started

The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it. The first program to write is the same for all language.
print the words:
hello, world
This is a big hurdle; to leap over it you have to be able to create the program text somewhere, compile it successfully, load it, run it, and find out where your output went. With these mechanical details mastered,everything else is comparatively easy.

In C, the program to print "hello world" is


Just how to run this program depends on the system you are using. As a specific examples, on the UNIX operating system you must create the program in a file whose name ends in ".c", such as hello.c, then compile with the command

cc hello.c

If you have botched anything,such as omittin a character or misspelling something, the compilation will proceed silently,and make an executable file called a.out. If you run a.out by typing the command

it will print

hello, world

On the other systems, the rules will be different;check with a local expert.
Now, for some explanations about the program itself. A C program, whatever its size, consists of "functions"and "variables". A function contains statements that specify the computing operations to be done, and variables store values used during the computation. C functions are like the subroutines and functions in Fortran or the procedures and functions of Pascal. Our example is a functions named "main". Normally you are at liberty to give functions whatever names you like,but "main" is special -your programs begin executing at the beginning of main. This means that every program must have a "main" somewhere

main will usually call other functions to help perform its job, some that you wrote, and others from libraries that are provided for you. The first line of the program.

tells the complier to include information about the standard input/output library; the line appears at the beginning of many C source files. The standard library is described in Chapter 7 and AppendixB.
One method of communicating data between functions is for the calling functions to provide a list of values called "arguments", to the function it calls. The parenthesis after the function name surround the argument list. In this example main is defined to be a function that expects no arguments, which is indicated by the empty list ().

#include include information about standard
main() define a function called main that received no argument
values statements of main are enclosed in braces main calls library function printf to print sequence of
character \n represent the newline character.

"The first C program"

The statements of a function are in closed in braces {}. The function main contains only one statement

printf("hello, world\n");

A function is called by naming it, followed by a parenthesized list of arguments so this called function of "printf" with the argument "hello, world\n". printf is a library function that prints output in this case the string of characters between the quotes.
A sequence of character in double quotes like "hello, world\n"); is called a character string or string constant. For the moment our only use of character will be as argument for printf and other function.
The sequence n\ in the string is C notation for the newline character, which when printed advance the output to the left margin on the next line. If leave out the n\(a wortwhile experiment), you will find that there is no line advance after the output is printed. You must you \n to include a newline character in the printf argument; if try something like

Monday, August 16, 2010

Blogworld 2010

The blogworld in the seminar is very interesting because it teach how to make a blog or how to start blogging. The seminar in Dagupan is teach how to start blog or how to make a blog.

What i like in the seminar is the photo and video blogging by Dr. Julius Mamaril he teach how to make a video blogging.All of my classmates is interesting in blogging because we must learn more about blogging. Blogging is one of the way in how to earn a money, if you have a very interesting blog you must blog or if you have a interesting photo or video you can blog this on your blogsite.

I like the people in the seminar because they inspired in a blogging like this they are also a good blogger. Dilson Decano is inspired me because he show what the blog make's.He show her save because of blogging, her house,car. He is one of the reason why i am interesting in blogging.

What i hate in the seminar is the setting arrangement of the stadium because many students like cannot see the LCD presentation because they place it in the side of the stage. But its all right because all of students is enjoy the seminar and they inspired in blogging.

A video blogging is hasn't take of considering how cheap the equipment has become and how easy it is to shoot,edit and post video online.

"Step in how to create a video blog."

* A video camera depends upon your beat,style,audience and frequency of posting. I have seen some people be effective with a mobile camera or laptop camera. At the other end of the spectrum are also video journalist who have the chance to make high-quality stories from the field with small camera's like the Sony A1U and about an equal dollar investment in microphones and Final Cut*
*The software is a mixture of low cost and professional application: Final Cut studio, GarageBand, iPhoto, fission, and audio Hijack pro for editing the video."
"Leo said that during his first three years of video blogging he used a Sony handycam for shooting and movie for editing. He now uses Final Cut Pro,an HD camrecorder,and a iMac."

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hay.. if theres a wedding or occation then you need a photographer, contact this number 582-3824. He is my teacher in programming, he also a photographer. If you want to see some he's picture visit this site. "He's a good photographer"
Hay.. if theres a wedding or occation then you need a photographer, contact this number

Lovers in Acasia

Yobnel's Blog: White sand in San Fernando La Union

Yobnel's Blog: White sand in San Fernando La Union: "This picture is taking to the San Fernando La Union. This boy is really cute he is good boy and handsome."

Yobnel's Blog: White sand in San Fernando La Union

Yobnel's Blog: White sand in San Fernando La Union: "This picture is taking to the San Fernando La Union. This boy is really cute he is good boy and handsome."

White sand in San Fernando La Union

This picture is taking to the San Fernando La Union.
This boy is really cute he is good boy and handsome.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

beautiful shot.. Janbert Marania & Pebbles Martinez.
For the second time umulan ng uli ng yelo sa Rosales, Pangasinan. Kasama ang malakas na hangin, sa bayan ng Rosales maraming nasira na tindahan,at nabahang paaralan ng Rosales, National High School. Nagsimula ang pag-ulan ng yelo sa oras na 4:30 ng hapon tumagal din ito ng mahigit kalahating oras.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Here's my friends's all of my friends since birth. I want you to read the story of my friends.

my dota strategiess

hay, here is one of my Dota strategies,

Saturday, July 31, 2010

UHMMMMM.... kamusta mga IT 01 A,,, saya ng aquintancce natin no hahaha... Alam ko marame pa ang susunod na memmorable moment's natin na magkaklase, Wag nyo kantyawan tong blog ko ah. Ate mariber wala na makakarating kay JOCELYN ah kung mabasa mo man e2. Pati kaw leny rose pagnabasa mo e2 secret lang ah hahahaha JOCELYN pagnbasa mo e2 wag mo na alamin kung anu un ah haha. Total mY BF ka naman na eh hehehe. Gud luck na lang sa inyo ng BF mo hahaha:D

Monday, July 26, 2010

"Its all about me"

Name: Nelboy Simon

Age: 17

Birth/date: September 2, 1993

Status: Single

Address: Mabini Street Rosales Pangasinan

Province: Rosales

"Its all about me"